Inside the Gaslit, Serena lands on the healthcare immediately after their particular overdose

Dan will not in fact trust Serena overdosed herself, helping spring season their own out-of an involuntary commitment to The brand new Ostroff Center once she admits he try one she wished becoming having on baseball. They truly are going to hop out city in advance of they might be dropped by Blair and Lily. Dan informs Lily you to in place of their unique, he or she is remember what is actually best for Serena hence perhaps she is always to pay attention to exactly what she actually is looking to state. Meanwhile, Jenny seems accountable about what happened and you will informs Blair on which she, Juliet, and you will Vanessa did. Blair goes to Dan, and you will wants his help in delivering justice. Throughout the Townie, Dan and Blair email address Gossip Girl locate any information on Juliet. They end up in Cornwall, Connecticut, in which Serena ran away to boarding university, and find Damien Dalgaard just who fills all of them when you look at the to your Serena’s date in school. Once finding Juliet’s street address and you will talking with their own mother, it figure out what Juliet’s genuine purpose are. They come back to Nyc to tell Serena, merely to see their equipped with Juliet and also the real basic facts. After fighting a lot of the initial time, they generate a package to every bring a writer with the W Group and any type of one to their management Epperly loves far more, reaches keep work. Whenever because of the opportunity, Blair chooses to not ruin Dan, however, learns she produced unsuitable alternatives when Dan concludes upwards sabotaging their unique. It practice a brawl, and you may Epperly fires them one another. Immediately following talking to Blair, the guy finds out one to she worked hard to find the condition and you can becomes their unique their own work back when he tells Epperly everything you is their fault (Damien Darko).

After discovering Damien are using your, Eric tells Rufus possible

At the same time, Juliet’s sibling and you may ex lover Serena hater Ben Donovan keeps moved to your the latest attic, much in order to Dan’s disien, doesn’t like Ben either therefore, the three collaborate to locate eliminate him. Within a celebration, Eric blows Damien, exactly who informs you to definitely Ben made it happen. Dan calls Ben’s parole officer, exactly who arrests him. A day later, Dan welcomes Ben towards loft and apologizes to possess perhaps not believing your (Worry Roomie). Involved-Girl Occurred One-night, Dan support Ben see work while the a great accommodate waitress. He pitches a blog post idea so you can Blair, having drawn Epperly’s jobs more than after she stop. During the Chuck’s class one to nights, the guy face Blair more not giving his post a chance however, they have been obligated to mask when Chuck will come in together with brand new girlfriend, Raina Thorpe. Blair gets devastated whenever she learns one Chuck have actual attitude to have their particular, and you may Dan attempts to comfort their unique. After, she calls your and says that she offered this article to Vanity Fair and you can liked they. It spend rest of Valentine’s towards the cellular phone, in front of the Rosee date.

Shortly after winter months split, Dan begins his internship at the W Mag, it is shocked to learn Blair is also interning here

With the Eric’s 18th birthday, the guy agrees to simply help Blair, who’s overwhelmed having performs; but as long as she admits you to she needs him. She 1st refuses, but eventually gets into the. She sends him so you can a gluey mention, however, she has affect on paper not the right suggestions and you may Dan looks like destroying an agenda. Just after Eric’s people, she goes to discover Dan and admits she is discharged from the new magazine shortly after messing up you to definitely way too many times. They order pizza pie and go to sleep into sofa to each other (Even though you Weren’t Sleeping). Later on, they initiate loitering much more about however, keep it an effective miracle regarding men. Wanting to know what direction to go, Blair goes to Dorota and you may Dan goes toward Rufus to own information. Both advise that possibly things a great deal more is occurring, regardless of if each other Dan and you can Blair deny the choice. It tip off Rumors Girl that a large wonders will come away one to nights, and they’ll after that recognize they are family unit members. Yet not, its information will get upstaged because of the Lily’s stop getting purgery. After the night, Dan goes to this new Waldorf’s and you will indicates they make sure after and also for all of that he is just family unit members. They finish kissing.

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